Milk Coolers

Mueller milk coolers are built of polished stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. They feature double-wall construction to maintain temperatures, and they utilize our exclusive Temp-Plate heat transfer surface for maximum cooling power and low energy costs. Available in 13 sizes from 600 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of large and small operations, Mueller milk coolers also come standard with heavy-duty agitators and automatic washing systems. They can be adapted to your operational needs with the Mueller refrigeration and control systems providing the most suitable range of features.

An automatic, electronically controlled washing system cleans and sanitizes all milk contact surfaces. Various control system options are available to meet your specific needs. All Mueller washing systems utilize the spray dish technology, instead of spray ball devices which eventually clog during operation.

The agitation system ensures the proper blending and even temperature distribution of milk prior to and during milking, as well as for samples. The agitator assembly consists of a heavy-duty gear drive and a paddle with a milk sweep design. Two agitator assemblies come standard on 3,000-gallon model coolers and larger.

Accu-Therm® Plate Heat Exchanger

Lets you use your existing water supply to precool warm milk before putting it in your milk cooler. The Accu-Therm will cut the operation time of your refrigeration system up to 50% and save energy and money while enhancing your milk quality.

Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers consist of a series of stainless steel plates compressed in a frame. The plates are separated by gaskets that form flow channels on opposite sides of each plate. Cool water flows down the channel on one side while warm milk flows up the other side. The milk’s temperature drops as it transfers its heat to the cool water on the opposite side of the plate. The plate heat exchanger’s design provides extremely efficient performance for fast precooling.

E-Star HiPerForm Refrigeration System

The proprietary technology of the E-Star HiPerForm refrigeration system makes it the most energy-efficient milk cooling system in the world. The HiPerForm features a proprietary subcooling valve designed to flood the entire milk cooler evaporator with subcooled liquid refrigerant. This process maximizes efficiency by utilizing the entire evaporator surface for cooling and eliminating the inefficient superheated vapor refrigerant found in conventional refrigeration systems.

Additionally, the HiPerForm refrigeration system enables the compressor to operate at significantly cooler temperatures for longer compressor life, less maintenance, less energy consumption, and incomparable refrigeration efficiency. The HiPerForm is the most cost-effective way to cool milk with a scroll refrigeration unit. The Mueller E-Star HiPerForm outperforms all other milk cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value.

HiPerForm® plus


  • When a level sensor is installed, cooling is controlled based on the liquid level in the tank.

Standard Features

  • Built-in robotic interface (I/O expansion is required for robotic installations).
  • Real-time tank temperature and volume data via the MilkSecure™ dashboard.
  • Fully programmable wash and cooling control.
  • Seven-inch touch-screen interface is available in multiple languages to meet the needs of global markets.
  • Selectable drain valve type: water-operated, normally open, or normally closed.
  • Cooling and wash time delay.
  • Volume indicator.
  • Automatic programmable interval agitation.
  • Retrofit any milk cooler with program options.
  • Control output voltage is 24 VAC or dry switch closure.
  • Electronic time and temperature recording.
  • Wall-mounted, milk cooler “OHF” model-mounted, and Milk Tower-mounted options available.
  • Automatically starts cooling when installed with the optional IFM level transducer.
  • Built-in troubleshooting test program.
  • Download historical reports to aid in system diagnostics.
  • Allows remote monitoring by dairy producers, dairy processors, sanitarians, and maintenance technicians.