Vacuum Systems

A complete line of vacuum pumps and accessories for every dairy

  • Lobe style vacuum pumps
  • Rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Variable speed vacuum pump controller
  • Vacuum regulators
  • Vacuum gauges and accessories

Vacuum On Demand™

Variable speed vacuum pump for precise control.

Classic 300 Evolution Milking Unit

The industry standard… now enhanced for today’s cows. Revised milk inlet positions for narrow to normal rear teat position. Virtually indestructible design. Maintains stable vacuum level with high flow rates.

IQ Milking Unit

A smarter way to milk cows. Maximum milk quality. Improved udder health. Faster milk out times. More reliable performance. Quieter operation. Easy maintenance.

Pulsation Systems

Setting the standard for durable and consistent pulsation. Detacher controlled and Master controlled. Vacuum operated.

Magnum 90i™ VL

Elevate your milking operation to new heights with the vertical lift!

GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor™ Global

The solution to performance. Proven AutoRotor efficiency and reliability. Choice of 90° parallel or 70° angled stalls. Superior performance and convenience features. Compatible with all milking equipment from GEA Farm Tech.

DeMax and DemaTron for Stanchion/Tie Stall Barns

Your solution for portable milking management. Built-in pulsation with Stimopuls option. End-of-milking indication. Automatic detacher (DeMax 50T and DemaTron 50T). Milk yield display (DemaTron 50T).

DeMax and DemaTron Detachers

A quantum leap — for over 20 years Metatron milk monitoring systems have led the industry in accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Now, GEA Farm Technologies offers Metatron 21 — the next generation that extends our lead in milk metering technology.

Choice of control — Metatron Premium 21 or Metatron Select 21 for real-time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management.

Accurate records for each cow — both Metatron 21 models measure total milk yield, maximum and average milk flow and milking time for each individual cow. When linked to DairyPlan C21, Metatron 21 also calculates production, tracks veterinary actions, feeding data, days in lactation, days pregnant and other information.

Complete control at your fingertips — Metatron Premium 21 has a fully functional display showing milk quantity, milking time, heat activity, stimulation, conductivity and much more. Metatron Select 21 allows for all of the same data collection as the Premium control with only the cow number and/or milk weight displayed cowside. Instant data access.


The intelligent solution for starting the automatic detacher. Starts the detacher by lifting the milking unit. Speeds the milking unit attachment process. Improves operator comfort. Reduces operator fatigue.

ProMotion™ Crowd Gate

Smooth operation moves large groups efficiently. Built rugged to handle large groups. Air powered efficiency and safety. Smooth operation. Reduces labor.

Time Saver Cow Trainer

An economical solution for any small to medium sized holding area. Simple installation. No air compressor system. Adapts to most buildings easily.

DairyPlan C21

Herd and parlor management system. Comprehensive production and health data. Integrated monitoring and control of parlor systems. User-friendly displays and accurate reports.

Compass Plus™ Wash Control Center

Optimizes water and chemical use. Easy-to-program customized settings. Optional temperature monitoring. Rugged construction for longer life.